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About us

Mormor food is a local Queensland business producing Vaxtkraft all-natural vegetable stock concentrates and roasted seeds from the freshest produce available, direct from farmers in the Lockyer Valley.

Our aim is for Vaxtkraft to be the vegetable stock of choice at health food shops, gourmet delis and fruit and vegetable shops throughout Australia. We aim to grow locally, supporting a local workforce and maintaining our connection to our wonderful Lockyer Valley producers.

About Melissa

Melissa has achieved a Le Cordon Bleu Diploma and degrees in Hospitality and Tourism Management and Human Resources Management. She has a passion for simple, good quality and locally sourced Australian produce.

As vegetarian, Melissa was challenged by the quality of stock available on supermarket shelves. Most commercially available stocks left a residue and distinctly unpleasant aftertaste, while others were full of unknown, unsavoury and unnatural ingredients including msg, dextrose, refined sugar and palm oil. 


Melissa was introduced to the Vaxtkraft recipe by her Swedish mother-in-law, Annica.  Vaxtkraft is a Swedish name for the vegetable stock concentrate and it translates to mean 'growing power'. Living in the Lockyer Valley, known as Australia's salad bowl, has given Melissa the opportunity to access the freshest produce available direct from local farmers.   

Image: My husband's mormor (mother's mother) at a cooking class in Sweden.

Mormor food was born, and named to honour our family ties, traditions and love of wholesome and natural foods.   

Image: The wonderful, beautiful and immensely talented Annica Sheppard

Mormor food is also a cheeky play on words, as once you try the Vaxtkraft products you will definitely be wanting ‘more more!'